Dedicated to working alongside our clinicians every day, to improve the quality of their
patients’ lives

Katy Breen

With over 25 years’ experience in the medical device industry, Katy earned her stripes at DePuy and discovered her passion for working with spine surgeons to help their patients get the best outcomes. Katy saw a need for manufacturers to have a partner to launch disruptive technologies into the UK and Ireland, so in 2001 she took the leap and co-founded her first distribution business; Quadrant Medical Ltd. After 9 years building the company and learning many valuable entrepreneurial lessons along the way, they exited with a buy out to Zimmer. Since Quadrant, Katy has formed 3 other successful businesses. She is focused on working with like-minded passionate partners that have innovation at the core of their businesses.

Katy Breen
Katy also launched “The Young Entrepreneurs Club” a nationwide programme inspiring and mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. She also loves to spend time with her daughter Mya, they are a family of keen runners –often taking their dog Biscuit for country trail jogs.
Helen Adams
Helen began her healthcare career at the global company; TP Orthodontics, in 2008. Helen finished her time at TP leading the UK and Spanish teams before making the jump to a moreclinical setting. With a desire to deepen her learning of medical interventions, in 2012 she was introduced to the world of spine and knew immediately this is where she belonged. Helen and Joanna joined forces at Vexim to launch SpineJack into the UK and Ireland, revelling in the challenge of working for a start-up with a medical device that was transforming the quality of patients’ lives.
Since 2015 Helen has co-founded both Ovidius Medical and Ovidius Solutions, she is particularly passionate about helping surgeons improve outcomes for oncology patients using the most advanced technologies.
Helen’s home is filled with love for her rescue animals. In her spare time Helen loves to be outdoors; walking, exercising or simply relaxing in her garden.

Joanna Jarvis

After 10 years working in spine and orthopaedics, for larger companies including Smith and Nephew and Stryker, Joanna was eager to move into the world of start-ups and represent technology that would challenge the status quo. She found this challenge at Vexim and along with Helen spent 3 years developing the SpineJack business in the UK and Ireland.
Loving the experience of building something from the ground up, they took a leap of faith and started their first venture, Ovidius Medical, in 2015. Joanna remains excited to discover partners who share her vision for improving patient outcomes and who have creative and engaging ways to educate their clinicians whilst also having fun and enjoying the journey of building a business together.

Joanna Jarvis
Joanna is a keen wildlife photographer, having recently fulfilled her life -long dream of photographing the mountain gorilla in Uganda. She also enjoys running and yoga in her spare time.